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Tommy Guerrero’s Legend Award Video

Monday, May 6th, 2013

Pretty much a whole bunch of awesome in there. I think I’m going to go watch Animal Chin now.

This is your brain on Tommy G.

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

Jeff Frane apparently runs the blog over at in addition to working at All-City Cycles and putting on quasi-illegal “bandit cross” races. I kind of want to live like that.

He did an awesome restoration of a 1989 Schwinn Madison that he got from a friend of his. He left the bare metal, scratches, etc. on the bike, instead of repainting or recoating it. About that decision, he said this:

Every scratch has a story. Remember to embrace them and not be a whiny bitch about it, they’re the life the bike has lead and they are beautiful. While you’re at it, remember to feel the same way about your own body, embrace the scars, the crow’s feet, the smile lines. Baby you were there.

Fucking a, Jeff, fucking a.

This is your brain on bikes.