j.p. fights the skate demons

March 6th, 2015  / Author: Hogs

This is my boy, J.P. I went to high school with this guy and saw his band(s) play a bunch of times. I even skated with him a few times, though I was (and still am) a shitacular skater.

Anyway, here’s a video he did. Enjoy.

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33 Uses for the Shemgah.

February 24th, 2014  / Author: Hogs

33 Uses for the Shemagh

From Preparing for SHTF. I figure a shemagh will be great for biking & hiking, a true multi-tasker, as Alton Brown would say.

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it’s cold out – ride warm.

February 11th, 2014  / Author: Hogs

I ride my bike to work every day. Or, at least, I had been until it snowed so much that Claire (my bike) became unstable on the ice & snow. Claire‘s a cyclocross bike from Masi and she’s a sexy redhead, to be sure but my ride today showed me that even on mostly plowed roads, I need something more. I need a fat bike. While browsing for fat bikes, I came across this video featuring bike expeditioner Jay Petervary. It has some good advice and interesting theories on how to dress in the cold. I’ve never had a problem with the cold, just the snow, but even my system could use tweaks here or there.

Jeff over at Bike Jerks/All-City has posted about what he wears when it’s 40 degrees, 10 degrees and below zero.

Eventually, I’ll get around to posting what I wear during the winter when I ride but I’m lazy.

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February 10th, 2014  / Author: Hogs

Lydia Loveless is so, so, so great. Listen to her new album Somewhere Else now at NPR.org

Lydia Loveless

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new song from rancid

February 10th, 2014  / Author: Hogs

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October 17th, 2013  / Author: Hogs

There are a selection of Bill Watterson’s college comics over at Mental Floss. I’m posting one here because it’s absolutely true. Kind of like a lot of the stuff posted by Jeff over at Bike Jerks’ blog.

College comic from Bill Waterson.


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top o the mornin’ to ya.

September 26th, 2013  / Author: Hogs

This is how I’m starting my day today. You should be so lucky.

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July 26th, 2013  / Author: Hogs

Damn, son.

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Tommy Guerrero’s Legend Award Video

May 6th, 2013  / Author: Hogs

Pretty much a whole bunch of awesome in there. I think I’m going to go watch Animal Chin now.

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May 1st, 2013  / Author: Hogs

Jeff Frane apparently runs the blog over at bikejerks.com in addition to working at All-City Cycles and putting on quasi-illegal “bandit cross” races. I kind of want to live like that.

He did an awesome restoration of a 1989 Schwinn Madison that he got from a friend of his. He left the bare metal, scratches, etc. on the bike, instead of repainting or recoating it. About that decision, he said this:

Every scratch has a story. Remember to embrace them and not be a whiny bitch about it, they’re the life the bike has lead and they are beautiful. While you’re at it, remember to feel the same way about your own body, embrace the scars, the crow’s feet, the smile lines. Baby you were there.

Fucking a, Jeff, fucking a.

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